Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Making of A Bust

When it comes to putting together a lookbook, we are always looking for new, fun, and innovative ways to present our designs. For the Knit Warmth 2010 collection, we thought it would be great to make our own form for the scarves and hats to be presented on. What followed that idea was madness.

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos of the process...

We decided to build the base of the bust with cardboard. We used the dressform as a template. Here, Sunghee is cutting cardboard to fit the shape of the form. (You can see the snow outside!)

After a bunch of papercuts and sticky fingers, this was the result. Not bad!

Here it is with a couple coats of paint. We liked the texture and roughness of it.

You would think after numerous hours spent making the first one, we would have had enough...

We ended up making two more.

Michelle wearing the bust... Perhaps this was taken after little sleep.

In the end, we opted to use the smoother bust with the elongated neck for the photoshoot. And because we had hats, we made a detachable head as well.

The final product came out great. The light and shadow cast from the form helped to bring out the texture and knit details of the collection.

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